Lindsey Haywood probably doesn’t match your image of an accountant. Which will almost certainly come as a relief.

Forget middle-aged men in pinstripe suits. Those people who never explain what they’re doing, talk jargon, and then hit you with a massive bill. Lindsey’s approach is refreshingly different – and refreshingly jargon-free. “I want to give my clients a virtual finance department. And support them properly, by getting to know and understand their business. I’m looking to partner with them and help them grow.”

And she does all that with a transparent charging system that won’t bust your budget. You’ll know what you’re getting. You’ll know what you’re paying. And it’ll come out of cashflow, every month. No unexpected bills – and no unwanted surprises.

An accountant for the 21st century

Lindsey understands that for many of her clients accountancy starts as a closed book. They know a great deal about their business, but they don’t take much interest in bookkeeping – or even see why it’s important. They don’t necessarily have experience of management accounts. And they certainly don’t know about ‘Making Tax Digital’.

None of that matters if you’re working with Lindsey, because she does. And she’ll explain whatever you need to know. Help you, if necessary, to read a balance sheet, and understand profit and loss accounts. And make sure you know what tax and VAT you’ll have to pay – as well as having the funds to pay it.

And – just as importantly – she will understand what makes your business tick. What your challenges are. What your targets are. And how you can grow.

In fact you could describe her as an accountant for the twenty-first century.

Which is why she knows and understands how to make the very most of Xero accounting software. And is also a Xero Partner.

Introducing Xero

Why Xero? Because for Lindsey Haywood, experience has shown that it’s as good a tool for business as it is for accountancy. And it makes for exactly the kind of teamwork she promotes.

On the business side, there’s a well-presented dashboard. It ensures that you, as the business owner, know exactly what’s happening in your operation right now. What your balances are. What invoices and bills are outstanding. And what your cashflow is looking like over the next month.

On the bookkeeping and accountancy side, Xero’s built-in automation cuts out much of the unnecessary hard work. The things that take time – and cost money. Bank transactions are imported automatically. Intelligent programming makes it easy to match them with bills and invoices. And forget those boxes full of paper receipts. You can make an expense claim in seconds using any decent smartphone.

In the right hands, Xero delivers pretty much real-time accounting. But to get the very best from it, all transactions need to be reconciled. As quickly as possible. Which is exactly what happens when you work with Haywood Accountancy.

And the paperwork? That’s digital too. As a client you’ll have a secure, GDPR-compliant portal, with access to a virtual filing system. So forget boxes full of documents – and hours of filing. And forget any worries about ‘Making Tax Digital’. Because with Haywood Accountancy, it already is.

And the result?

A fully integrated service. Accountancy that becomes an active part of your business. Because as Lindsey Haywood says, “Many smaller businesses spend too long dealing with straightforward administration – with things like invoices and expenses. It just isn’t the best use of their time. And with our help, it simply isn’t necessary.”